Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does my child have to be part of a church or a religious organization to be part of this school?

A: Not at all. We have a unique school, with a unique purpose. Everyone is welcome.


Q. My child has trained at another school, can they start at the level they left the last school or will they start over?

A: Every school is different. Our school has some things that others do not. Every student, no matter his or her level, must learn our system. We will do our best to keep your child at their present level. However, students that have been out of training for a year or more will need to start at a lower level.


Q. How long will it take my child to show some progress?

A: Almost immediately! All students, especially children, retain martial arts almost over night. A small child (4-6) will be doing kicks, punches and stances in less than a month (based on individual attention and retention).


Q. How long does it take to make the first belt rank?

A: About three months. There is a three month time period between each testing.


Q. What are the health benefits with your school?

A: We have seen total re-focusing of children with ADD/ADHD. The physical benefits are in better balance, better conditioning, loss of weight and the loss of clothing sizes. One couple in their 60's has lost over 60 pounds together. Mentally, children have done better on SOL's and improved their comprehension. Spiritually, our focus is on the inner person. We strive to bring to the forefront of every class the truth that we are spiritual beings needing a proper connection with our Creator.


Q. How large are the classes?

A: Our basic class is the largest with 20-25 students. The advanced class has 5-10 students. With more students we would be able to start additional classes.


Q. Are there currently any age restrictions?

A: Yes. If you are not yet 5 years of age, you must have an interview with an instructor. Also, if you are over 60, a physician's OK should first be acquired.


Q. Are physical handicaps a problem?

A: No. we simply ask that you tell us of any medicine you might be on or if there is a physical limitation you are experiencing. One of our students did not move or have feeling in his foot because of Spina Bifida, but today he is moving and has feeling in that foot. 


Q. What is the start up cost?

A: $40 for uniform $50.00/month for first familiy member ($45/month for additional family members)


Q. What happens if I miss a class?

A: Everyone tests at their own level. Some people can miss two days out of the week, but still be on time when it comes to testing. However, there are no penalties.


Q. I don't care to advance in rank I just want to know some self-defense. What should I do?

A: See if there are others like yourself who feel the same at your place of business, church, or community. If there are, contact us, we will set something up with you.


Q. What role does your instructor play?

A: The following:

  1. Getting and giving information
  2. Knowing and using the resources of the group
  3. Understanding the needs of the group
  4. Representing the group
  5. Setting the example
  6. Managing learning skills
  7. Planning
  8. Evaluating
  9. Controlling the group
  10. Sharing leadership
  11. Counseling


Q. Who can learn Martial Arts?

A: Any man, woman, or child can learn martial arts and self defense techniques. Training begins with simple motions of attack and defense, and progresses into action forms (continuous attack and defense). As coordination and strength develops, students are promoted in rank and given further advanced instruction on techniques.


Q. Why should your students study Martial Arts?

A: Martial Arts will develop and teach you to have a feeling of security, grace and physical well being through physical and mental training in unarmed self-defense. Most importantly, martial arts provide peace of mind, a sense of self-discipline and a feeling of self-confidence.


Q. What are the Benefits of Martial Arts:

A: The following:

  • Positive attitude
  • Discipline
  • Self-defense
  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Weight control
  • Physical fitness
  • Academic achievement
  • Leadership qualities
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